At A1 Quality Roofing, we offer a variety of easy-to-use financing options for homeowners in Austin, TX. During our in-house visit, one of our specialists will help you find the financing options that work for YOU! Our experts are trained to use every resource possible to get you the best financing available.

Installing a New Roof with the Help of PowerPay

Sometimes, a new roof might not be what your current budget was expecting. We understand, and we believe that no one should ever have to choose between the safety and comfort of their home and their wallet. That’s why we offer financing options through PowerPay.
With PowerPay, you can get instant approval for up to $100,000 on a roof loan with no hidden contractor fees or prepayment penalties. You can use this loan to install a new roof of your choosing: asphalt shingles, cedar, metal, slate, or tile. Once approved, we can get started on your next roofing project immediately, and you can pay for the work through a low monthly payment at a reasonable fixed rate.
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*Note: We do not discount insurance claims restoration work.
You can be approved for up to $100,000 in as little as 60 seconds. Working with a contractor who offers financing makes the process that much easier by offering applications directly through their website and removing the tedious process of coordinating with multiple parties before your project can even begin.
This will depend on your personal needs, but some homeowners find that financing their roofing project allows them to complete a necessary renovation while still saving for future projects.