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Austin, TX homeowners have a reliable and cost-effective choice when it comes to roofing: asphalt shingle roofing. Our team at A1 Quality Roofing in Austin can help you select an option that’s perfect for your building—one that looks great, stands up to the elements, and fits within your budget. We offer a range of styles and colors so you can choose the best look for your home or business. With asphalt shingle roofing, you get lasting protection and affordability, as well as great curb appeal!

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Brands We Work With

A1 Quality Roofing is proud to be certified under Atlas and GAF, using their high-quality roofing products in our roofing projects. Enjoy shingles that prevent discoloration and streaking from algae, are impact-resistant, and come in a wide range of styles to match any home and color.

Types of Asphalt Shingle Roofs We Install

3-tab Asphalt Shingles

3-tab shingles are named for their three asphalt tabs. They’re easy to install and repair, and the pattern is always identical. These types of shingles are also the most affordable compared to other shingles. You can expect a warranty to last 20-25 years.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Architectural shingles are also known as laminated shingles. They’re made to be heavy-duty and are one of the highest-quality options in roofing materials. You can expect these types of shingles to last up to 50 years!

Premium Asphalt Shingles

Premium shingles are among the top-of-the-line in every category of shingles. They’re thicker, heavier, and have lines that create depth not typical in regular roofs. They come in cedar shakes which look like natural cedar, and slate, which looks more traditional.

Impact Resistant Asphalt Shingles

Impact-resistant shingles are a type of roofing material designed to withstand tough weather conditions, as well as impacts from hail and wind-driven debris. These materials provide superior protection against damage caused by severe storms or accidents, and can help reduce future repair costs.


The Pros and Cons of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When making your decision about the type of roofing you prefer, there will be pros and cons. It’s best to know what to expect.

Pros of Asphalt Shingles

  • Stylish: Asphalt can look like much more high-end materials and come in various colors. Regardless of the style of your home, there is an asphalt shingle to match it.
  • Installation: Asphalt is lightweight and does not require a reinforced structure, making it far easier to install than slate or tile.
  • Replacement: You don’t have to tear the whole roof off to replace one section. You can patch up the pieces that need it.

Cons of Asphalt Shingles

  • Cracks: High-temperature fluctuations can cause asphalt shingles to expand and contract, often leading to cracks. These cracked shingles will have to be replaced so that water does not penetrate your home.
  • High Winds: Asphalt shingles can be more vulnerable to wind damage, especially if they are more basic like 3-tab shingles.

Shingle Roof FAQs

Keep your roof clear of debris and have it annual inspected at least twice a year, or after a major storm. If your roof requires repairs, make sure they are fixed sooner, rather than later.
The two most important factors for most of our customers is an asphalt shingle that matches their property style and is long-lasting. This makes architectural shingles quite popular, or luxury shingles for those who want their asphalt shingles to look like cedar or slate.
At A1 Quality Roofing, we believe your asphalt shingle roof deserves to be made from the best materials and quality workmanship. If it’s time to upgrade your roof, contact us today to learn more about our asphalt shingle roofing options!